Cure My Hangover




The app that helps you to cure your hangover or to avoid it.
How does it work?
You answer 2 short questions about your hangover and the app starts a customized interactive hangover cure. The app suggests tips and different tasks that will help you to cure your hangover.
– 2 different modes: „Cure my Hangover“ and „Avoid Hangover“
– Cure your Hangover: Your customized hangover cure
– Avoid Hangover: Tips to avoid a hangover in advance
– Simple design which does not overwhelm you
– Share your hangover tips with your friends
Note: This app can help to cure your hangover. If you feel really bad, look for a doctor. The best way to avoid a hangover is to drink no alcohol at all.
I can not guarantee that the tips and tasks will work for you.
You use the advices at your own risk.